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Nightfall on Sharn

Something bad is happening in Sharn. Very bad. A series of gruesome murders continues, remaining unsolved. Anyone who has tried to investigate them has themselves fell foul of the murderer. Bodies drained of blood, organs removed, strange symbols smeared at the crime scenes….yeah this guy has it all. What is strange though, is even Magical detections are revealing nothing about this mysterious figure.

Meanwhile, at the Grand Orrery of Argonessen, the Elderly Wyrm Chomagan stares at the sky through his telescope. This was all part of the Draconic prophecy, but it will be a testing time for the Mortals. He has seen many planar conjunctions before, but this is the closest. It covers a large area, most of Breland, and at it’s centre the two realms are as one : The living and the dead together. The magical energy is so strong, many of the petty magics of humans no longer work. His thirst for knowledge is supreme, and now he needs to return to the chamber, in order to locate a group of mortals who can do his bidding…..

Even gods can die. Of course, to the greatest of the Rakshasa Maharajah, death is but an inconvenience. Whilst once the forces of the world were rallied against him, now his name is lost to all but the most ancient and wisest of scholars. Not even a dragon remains alive who has gazed upon his nightmarish visage. Even now his agents wander the land of the living, seeking to strengthen the conjunction, allowing darker things to step through into the world of men.

Main Page

Nightfall on Sharn WarrenClarke